About Us

Beeyonder is a customer centric virtual tour company whose mission is to create opportunities to explore the world. Discover hidden gems, learn new things, and meet inspiring people. Traveling with us is equal and accessible. Every tour is unique and virtual, always with people at heart. 

The Beeyonder experience is something new, the typical way of traveling is no longer the only way. We allow you to explore the world and be kind to the planet. 

Beeyonder is a women founded company. Brittany Palmer is a bilateral amputee who started the company in 2020 because people all over the world are limited in their ability to travel due to any number of circumstances. Her goal to make travel inclusive and easily accessible has allowed over 30,000 people in more than 20 countries to experience new places and cultures.

Brittany Palmer, Founder and CEO of Beeyonder

“I created Beeyonder because I love to travel and experience new places and cultures, but, as someone with a disability, who experiences severe joint pain when walking long distances, I understand what it’s like to have conditions and be in situations that prevent or limit travel. I wanted to provide people with the ability to see the world, regardless of their situation.”

Beeyonder now has more than 400 virtual tours by 250+ local, qualified guides in more than 55 countries. Virtual tours are easy to take, there is no VR equipment necessary, all you need is a tablet or computer and a stable internet connection. Book your private tour on the site, click the link provided and join your guide to explore a new destination. Either you want to revisit a place you love or make new unforgettable memories somewhere else. All our guides are qualified and local, they take you on remarkable adventures and tell captivating stories, invite you to new cultures and break down social barriers, all in real-time. Climb the hills of Mt Fuji in Japan in the morning and visit the castles of Ireland by the end of the day, ask your guide questions and interact with them as they share their destination. A place to share thoughts, gain new experiences, and have a laugh.

Simply choose the destination, and we unlock the adventure. Easy to book and easy to go.

Discover stories of the world.