A Day at Dunrovin Ranch

by Dunrovin Ranch

Public experiences are in English unless specified as otherwise

  • Location
    Lolo, Montana, United States of America
  • Duration
    1h 30m (Public)
  • Group Size
    Up to 50 guests (Public)
  • Language(s)
    • English


Welcome to Dunrovin Ranch where horses are partners and guests are friends! At Dunrovin, we do guest ranch differently. We prize people and animals for their individuality, we embrace all walks of life, we celebrate the wonders of nature, and we live in the moment.

Throughout this 60-minute experience, guide Anya will introduce you to the Dunrovin barnyard, introduce you to several of Dunrovin’s horses, the miniature donkeys, and ponies. You’ll learn the basics on animal care, facility upkeep, and riding!

So what sets Dunrovin’s experience apart from others? Well, you’ll get the eagle-eye’s view of the ranch (or should I say osprey-eye’s view?)! Dunrovin hosts a variety of high-definition cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities that will make you feel like you’re in a cinema, not simply looking through a smart phone being held up on a selfie-stick. What’s more, through the various cameras and angles, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Dunrovin’s nesting osprey pair, Harriet & Swoop, get views of the river scenery, and enjoy interactive conversations with the two-legged friends and family of Dunrovin. In fact, we hope that you fall in love with our ranch as much as we have and decide to continue being an active member of the Dunrovin family. You will have the opportunity to continue your engagement by signing up for our membership accounts that grant you access to the 24-hour live feeds from the cameras, access to the chats with our staff and other members, newsletters, and a variety of live broadcasts and educational adventures.

So put on your (imaginary) boots & cowboy hat and saddle up for a good time!

Public Experience Private/Custom Experience
Who You will be one of several joining the experience from across the globe. Exclusive experience for you and/or your party
Interaction You will get a chance to ask questions, however, the guide will be attending to all participants. You will get more one on one time with your guide throughout the experience.
Experience Standard, curated for the public. You can make custom requests to your interests.
When Choose from an available time. Choose from an available time slot or request a specific date and time.
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Preparing for your Experience

There is no specific preparation required, though Anya may encourage interaction between participants and guides. There will also be optional opportunities to share personal stories, ask questions, and become engaged with Dunrovin beyond this experience.

Meet Your Guide

Experience Guide's avatar image
Dunrovin Ranch

Anya is Dunrovin’s lead trail guide and wrangler. Hailing from Switzerland, she has spent the past twenty-five years exploring the many corners of the globe in search of new adventures and friendships (horse-related whenever possible!). Anya has been riding horses since before she could walk. Growing up, her family always had a barn full of horses of various breeds ranging from the cuddly and gaited Icelandic horse, to the heavy and steadfast Belgian draft, and finally to the courageous and reliable quarter horse. Through the years, Anya has apprenticed and worked for ranches across many states gaining experience in a broad range of disciplines. Among her favorites are her years spent training horses and guiding multi-day rides out of a ranch in Wisconsin with trips ranging from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to South Dakota’s Badlands.

Anya received her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and holds a M.Ed. in Online Course Design & Adult Education. Anya is currently working on her doctorate degree at the University of Montana in Teaching & Learning and Curriculum & Instruction. Aside from exploring the great outdoors (preferably on horseback), one of Anya’s true passions is reaching people and exchanging experiences with anyone and everyone that will lend an ear and a story. Anya is happiest when she can share the paradise she calls her backyard with those that take an interest in exploring Montana. Are you ready for an adventure?