Amsterdam: Trading on Tolerance

by That Dam Guide
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    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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Amsterdam is famous for being a tolerant city. This began hundreds of years ago in the 1400s when trade started to take off here. To make as much money as possible trading, it made sense to put up with differences of religion and culture. In the late 1500s there was freedom of religion in the Dutch Republic and the first part of this tour looks at the relationship between Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism and how they coexisted in Amsterdam.

The second part of the tour covers the more modern tolerances of the Red Light District and Coffeeshops, so sex work and soft drugs. ( no inappropriate images or nudity are shown) This was really good old Dutch pragmatism at work.

 We end with a brief look at how LGBT rights have gone from being tolerated to being legalised and the tour wraps up with the inspiring story of major Bosshardt, the most popular Amsterdammer of all time!

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