Art of Making Singapore's Favorite Snack - A Live Virtual Workshop

by Tour With Ed
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 if you have a sweet tooth and you can't do without your snack/dessert, then this is for you! Instead of the usual slice of cake or chocolate, why not try something unique from another culture and yet easy on the palate?

The Ondeh Ondeh is one of the more popular, if not the most popular local snack in Singapore. A glutinous rice and sweet potato ball with palm sugar as a filling, this delicious creation is coated generously with shredded coconut. It is hard to pinpoint the country origin of Ondeh Ondeh as it is more cultural than country-based but it is safe to say this popular snack has a Peranakan influence, basically a mix of Malay and Chinese food practices found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. But what I can confidently confirm is that this hour-long workshop promises lots of fun for you, your family and friends, and is a great “bonding activity”! So if you are ready, let’s move on to the kitchen!


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Preparing for your Virtual Tour

100gm of boiled/steamed sweet potato (substitutes include yam and pumpkin)

80gm of glutinous rice flour (normal rice flour will not do)

7gm of tapioca flour or corn starch

35gm of gula melaka known as coconut / palm sugar (you can buy this online at    / Substitutes include brown granulated sugar)

80gm of fresh grated coconut or dessicated coconut

A bowl for mixing and making the dough

A pot with 2/3 water (for cooking later)

A Zoom link will be shared with you  after you have signed up for the session.

Meet Your Live Virtual Guide

My passion for sharing my country's culture and history to visitors as a government-licensed tourist guide (since 2006) also extends into Singapore's food culture. I am a foodie and I love exploring new and old eating places in Singapore and overseas to satisfy my foodie cravings.

One interesting nugget of information about me: I am probably the only Singaporean of Chinese ethnicity who makes Indian chapati by hand, at least once a week, for lunch. In fact, I prepare my lunch on most days and I believe I have mastered the art of creating this very popular local snack or kueh called Ondeh Ondeh.

My love affair with Ondeh Ondeh started with an "experiment" one fine day years ago and since then, this has become my "secret weapon" to win the heart of that special someone! You just can't go too wrong with Ondeh Ondeh!

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