Beyond Evita: Peronism & Politics in Argentina Tour

by Lunfarda Travel
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  • Location
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Duration
    1h 30m
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Español (Spanish)


Meet the Perons: Juan and Evita Tour

On this Peronism History Tour, join Maru or Vicky, two historians, educators and activists, to learn about Argentina’s most fascinating and daunting movement: Peronism. You will learn the context behind the rise of this political figure and how he carved up a movement that is still active 50 years after his death. Explore the life of famed First Lady Evita Perón and visit her museum and Recoleta Cemetery where she is buried. Discover the answers to these questions as we travel to many landmarks for Peronist history: was Perón a Nazi? Is Peronism left wing or right wing? What even is Peronism anyway?

We’ll explore the landmarks where Peronism was born, lived and thrived: Plaza de Mayo, the 9th of July Avenue, the Evita Perón foundation, Recoleta Cemetery and more.

Understanding Peronism history to improve Latin America’s political future

Peronism shapes all spheres of Argentine culture, permeating each house, school and block. It is a populist movement that can be compared to many others in South America, and like other South American movements, it was used as an excuse for foreign powers to intervene in our national politics. Understanding the complex layers that make something like Peronism part of South America’s political system can help the international opinion to agree on one thing: South Amercian problems need South American solutions.

This tour was created in collaboration with Lunfarda Travel, a bespoke, sustainable and locally owned travel agency located in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. 


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Contribution to UN's Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 5 - Gender Equality :Led by a latina woman

SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions :This tour navigates the gray areas between democracies and authoritarianism, and the need for South American solutions to South American problems.

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Maru / Vicky
Lunfarda Travel

I’m Maru, a historian and Lunfarda tour guide from Buenos Aires. I’m also a teacher at a “bachillerato popular”, a high school for underprivileged kids and adults. I’ve always felt strongly about Argentina’s Human Rights History; it shapes the entirety of Argentine society, its contradictions and struggles. Join my tour, where we’ll discuss politics, history and human rights!


I’m Vicky, a historian, writer, tour guide and overall enthusiast of anything that has to do with Argentina, its past and its culture. I’m a true believer in the power of stories – be them personal, local or national – and love to think of using the tools that I have to develop engaging ways in which to make accessible otherwise obscure information to the general public.

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