Calton Hill Edinburgh: Athens of the North

by Virtual Scotland
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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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Let's go for a walk around Calton Hill. Edinburgh is built on 7 hills just like Rome and each give a great vantage point we can see great views of the city and it's surroundings. On top of the hill are many monuments and buildings. This is part of the UNESCO city heritage the Edinburgh became in 1995.

This includes two observatories, the Nelson Monument tower and Scotland's National Monument. Originally meant to be a copy of the Parthenon, but they ran out of money and not complete it. It is known as the disgrace of Edinburgh! The buildings are a great tribute to Edinburgh's Georgian architecture and Scottish Enlightenment.

Join us for views, history and culture of Edinburgh and it's surroundings.

(image credits to VisitScotland / Kenny Lam)

Meet Your Live Virtual Guide

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Mike ORourke
Virtual Scotland

Mike is a Qualified Blue Badge Guide in Scotland . He has been guiding now for about 10 years and loving it. Mike is an enthusiast about Scottish History and enjoys tell stories of characters such as Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots. He lives in Edinburgh and passionate about the cities Old and New Towns. The old town is full of medieval history and has an underground city. A great place for those who like dark history and ghosts.

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