Savanna-Chapada dos Veadeiros- Webinar

by Danna
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  • Location
    Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil
  • Duration
    1h 30m
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Português (Portuguese)
  • $


I invite you to accompany me for a virtual tour to have a look in the Brazilian Savanna, Chapada dos Veadeiros is a National Park full of waterfalls, canions and great nature. Located in the state of Goiás, on the top of an ancient plateau with an estimated age of 1.8 billion years.

I will show you many trails, waterfalls, and bit of the geology and how to get in this jewel of the Brazilian nature.

Meet Your Guide

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I am a Certified Tour Guide in Rio de Brazil for ten years, tour conductor in South America for seven years and graduated with a degree in tourism.

I perform this profession with enthusiasm, a lot of knowledge and in order to show the natural beauty, the richness of architecture, culture, history and typical things  of the destination, aiming to enchant the clients with a excellent experience. I do guide in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

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Preparing for your Experience

You just need a device with an internet connection, audio and camera.

The Zoom app is needed on this device, and it needs to permit audio.