Cherry Blossom Season "Hanami" Online Experience

by Arigato Travel K.K.
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  • Location
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Duration
    1h 15m
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English
  • $


Our special 2021 online Cherry Blossom Hanami Experience is a great way to learn all about this important and gorgeous season celebrated the JAPANESE way! This year many of us are really missing travel. Give this gift to yourself and those you love and take a fun and interactive trip to Japan together from the safety of your own home!

On our 1 hour and 15-minute online experience, we will share Sakura (Cherry Blossom time) in Japan from a local’s perspective. You will get to hear about the history and culture as well as stories, fun facts, trivia, and play some unique Cherry Blossom games together online.  Our virtual tours are fun, family-friendly, and interactive. Great for ALL ages to experience together.

Experience Highlights:

-Share our stories and hear about you!

-Learn all about the very unique and wonderful Cherry Blossom and Hanami traditions in Japan.

-Find out why this time of year is so special to Japanese people.

-Play along with Interactive games testing your trivia knowledge about Japan.

-Learn a few tricks to creating your own Sakura art at home.

-What the best things to see, do and eat during Sakura Season

-Best spots around Japan and how Hanami has spread around the globe.

-Q&A time about any of your Japan Cherry Blossom and travel questions.

-We share a resource pack afterward (no worries about taking notes)


Great “after-tour” resource guide with links and information 

Information about the Cherry Blossom season in Japan 

Time to find out more about your Japan wish-list.

Local English speaking expert 

How Beeyonder Works

  • What is a virtual tour?

    All of our online tours are live and interactive. This means everyone on the tour can speak directly to the guide throughout the tour to experience the destination as if you are actually there.

  • How To Join A Tour

    Easy to use! After booking, you get a unique link to a streaming platform, such as Zoom, to begin each tour. No other technology needed.

Preparing for your Virtual Tour

-Let’s get in the Sakura MOOD

-Wear something pink!

-Prepare some tasty beverages to enjoy while we have our online experience together.

-Make sure you have some snacks too! Maybe try something Japan inspired. How about sushi, rice crackers, or maybe frozen mochi?

-Important Please be sure to have paper and something to write with for a few of our games!

-Have an open mind, heart and be ready to ask any questions you have about spring in Japan!

Custom times may be available, please message us.

Please note that because it's more fun to join the experience with other virtual travelers from around the world, we may ask you to reschedule to a date when we are hosting other guests unless it is a private booking. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule requests as much as possible.

How to join:

We will be hosting this online experience on ZOOM. Please be ready about 5 mins before to test out your connection. Any questions you can message us.