Christmas in Brussels: Holiday Markets & Traditions

by Curiositas Mundus
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  • Location
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Duration
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Español (Spanish)


Let us surprise you with our Winter Wonders in Brussels! With more than 200 chalets offering tempting treats and gifts, the Christmas Market of this city is the biggest in Belgium. All the inhabitants are determined to warm your hearts, especially during this end-of-year holiday period. One of the most important characters this month is Saint Nicholas, who gives lots of presents to good kids (and some adults). Do you know what we call here Saint Nicholas? We call him Sinterklaas... And from there maybe comes Santa Claus?

Besides the traditional religious sense of these holidays, the city of Brussels is always open to everybody. Visitors these days enjoy the lights in the Grand-Place, the Giant Wheel, the different rides for children, the sky village, the tartiflette, the hot wine, and the beer. Beer is essential! Belgium is the only country in the world where this drink is a human heritage by UNESCO.


1. Grand-Place with the huge Christmas tree (and with the Lights Show depending on the time chosen)

2. Saint Nicholas church (outside).

3. The Brussels Christmas Market.

4. The typical food and drinks, like hot wine and tartiflette.


25 tickets


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