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Christmas in French History

by My Paris Tour

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  • Location
    Paris, France
  • Duration
    1h (Public) / 1h (Private)
  • Group Size
    Up to 300 guests (Public) / Custom (Private)
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Français (French)


This tour goes back to the origin cults of Christmas which started during antiquity, and show how this popular feast evolved with Christianization and later, secularisation of the French society.

You will see how French used to celebrate this feast from the commoners to aristocrats but also Kings in the Versailles palace. Discover the symbolism of Christmas' traditions and the major  historic events held on December 25.

With several dozens of historical documents accompanied with your guide's explanations, you  will immerse in France's past to honour Christmas and its spirit.


Public Experience Private/Custom Experience
Who You will be one of several joining the experience from across the globe. Exclusive experience for you and/or your party
Interaction You will get a chance to ask questions, however, the guide will be attending to all participants. You will get more one on one time with your guide throughout the experience.
Experience Standard, curated for the public. You can make custom requests to your interests.
When Choose from an available time. Choose from an available time slot or request a specific date and time.
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Preparing for your Experience

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Meet Your Guide

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My Paris Tour
My Paris Tour

Dear history fan;

Thank you for your interest.

My nickname is Leo (although I'm a girl),  I've been working as a tour guide for six years until the pandemic ruined my profession. 

Then, I decided to offer virtual tours so anyone can access culture even if unable to travel. This new type of tours allows me to still share my passion for history with you!

I hope to see you soon!