Fort Breendonk: The Nazi Prison Camp in Belgium

by Curiositas Mundus
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    Willebroek, Belgium
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    Up to 100+ guests
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The former military fort Breendonk was controlled by the SS from 1940 until 1944. It served as an "auffanglager" for political prisoners, resistance members, and Jews. It is one of the best-preserved memorials and also one of the most unknown prison camps in Europe. We always think about camps in Central and East Europe, and we do not talk so much about Western Europe.

During the first year of occupation, Jews made up half of the total number of prisoners. From 1942, with the creation of the "sammellager" at the Dossin Barracks in the neighboring city of Mechelen (the place of deportation of Belgian Jews to the Auschwitz extermination camps), Breendok stayed as a camp for political prisoners and resistance fighters, until its closure in September 1944, with the liberation of Belgium by the Allied army.

During this live presentation with videos and photographs explaining the context of this hell that the Belgian and international people had to suffer with the Nazi occupation.


1. Learn how the military defense fort was transformed into a prison under the command of Major Philipp Schmitt.

2. Discover the stories of prisoners and executioners.

3. Explore different spaces inside and outside the camp, such as the canteen, the SS office, the "appellplatz", the prisoners' bedrooms, the toilets and showers, the isolation cells, the torture bunker, or the execution field.

4. Understand the differences between Breendonk and other concentration camps: no children, almost no women, and no gas chambers.

5. Find out what happened after the war.

** Live walking tours are not available due to poor cell reception within the fort**

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