Galway - The City of Tribes

by Jack's Irish Tours
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    Galway, Ireland
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    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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Galway City is the real version Ireland most tourists come to see on their vacation. It's a modern city, and with a comparatively younger population, Galway nonetheless retains a distinctly Irish identity and character - something many Irish towns have lost in recent times.

We’ll start our 60 minute stroll around Ireland’s Western capital at Lynch’s Castle where the term ‘lynching’ was first coined following an infamous murder in 1493. I’ll tell you about how a monkey once rescued a baby from a house fire, and you’ll also hear the story behind Galway’s famous moniker ‘City of the Tribes’.

You’ll find out why Christopher Columbus would never have discovered America but for his visit in 1477 to the City of Galway, and the true love story of Richard Joyce and Sarah Curran which led to the creation of the first Claddagh Ring in 1689.

We’ll cover the city’s rich history from ancient times, its long-standing cultural and architectural links with Spain - and I’ll teach you a little Gaelic along the way!

Meet Your Guide

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Jack Caffrey
Jack's Irish Tours

Born and bred in Dublin, but to parents from rural backwaters, Jack is equally at home in the countryside as in his native city. He's been tour guiding for over ten years now and asks himself why he didn't discover his beloved profession earlier! Jack is looking forward to letting the wonders of technology deliver his lively and entertaining tours of Dublin and other Irish places to more remote and varied audiences on Beeyonder.

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Preparing for your Experience

This is a live virtual experience offered via Zoom. A Zoom account is not necessary if logging in via a laptop or desktop computer. However, when using a cellphone or tablet, you will need to download the Zoom app.

Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection, take a comfortable seat and join me on a lively 60-minute jaunt around Ireland's famous 'City of the Tribes'!