Gorgeous St. Andrew's Church and the Cobblestoned Andrew's Descent

by Marvelous Kyiv
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    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    1h 59m
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    • English
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Dive into the bohemian atmosphere and a hilly walk. Feel the magic and follow me on a journey along a cobblestone street in this tour full of myths and mystery.

We’ll begin from the top of the hill with the stunning Landscape Alley and St. Andrew’s Church which is a well-known baroque masterpiece. You will learn why this church is called silent why it was built with no bells. And there is no street in Kyiv more mysterious than this one. With hidden paths to the left and right, it makes this one street a beautiful mini-adventure. This place will fascinate you - its beauty has some special atmosphere and you’ll feel the mystery while observing Richard’s Castle and house number 13 where Michail Bulgakov who wrote the novel "Master and Margarita." lived. St. Andrew's Descent is quintessential old Europe. We’ll have a pleasant walk between the artists and musicians. It's quite steep and cobbled so wear good shoes (slippers will work!).


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Olga Marvelous Kyiv
Marvelous Kyiv

Hi, I’m Olga. I think that that sharing is the best way to show my passion for Kyiv.  I know the best ways to show Kyiv as a hidden gem of Europe in a fun and engaging way. My love for culture, history, languages led the way to this amazing tour guiding calling. I’m a professional tour guide in Kyiv, licensed by the Ukrainian Tourist Guide Association. I endeavor to make my tours organized and fun, informative and delightful. I adore entering the ancient churches or climbing to the secret places for great views of Kyiv. My unique collection of old traditional Ukrainian recipes makes me an expert in cooking Borsch, Varenyky (filled dumplings), and Chicken Kyiv.

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