Guided Walking Tour In Porvoo Old Town

by Pamela Stoor
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  • Location
    Porvoo, Finland
  • Duration
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Dansk (Danish),
    • Norsk (Norwegian),
    • Svenska (Swedish)


Join me on a guided walk exploring the Old Town of Porvoo. 

The old town of Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland and it is a gem with its cobbled stone narrow streets and small wooden houses. Walking through the town on foot is by far the best way to explore Porvoo, or Borgå as it is called in Swedish. The history and location of Porvoo dates back to the 12th century when it became a town. The Porvoo river has had and still has an important role in the lives of the locals. The protected wooden old town is unique in Finland, and is well preserved but also serves as the residential place for up to 3000 inhabitants today. 

We will explore the Old Town by visiting Porvoo Cathedral dating back to 1480. We will walk by Porvoo River admiring the red river warehouses and walk into the traditional Old Town Square.

Note: This tour is only available after May 1st 2023


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You can prepare by researching more about Porvoo on Visit Finland webpage.

Meet Your Live Virtual Guide

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With nearly twenty six years of guiding experience all over the world, it is my pleasure showing you my hometown Porvoo. Born and raised in the countryside of Porvoo, my passion is history and nature and I will show you some unique parts of Porvoo by foot.

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