Live - Walking

Vienna City Highlights

by Tours by Locals

  • Location
    Vienna, Austria
  • Duration
    1h (Private)
  • Group Size
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Français (French),
    • Deutsch (German)


In 1860 Ring Street was built to replace Vienna's former city walls.  There you will find some of the Finest Buildings such as the Opera House, Museum of Fine Arts, Town Hall and Imperial Theater. 

From Ring Street we move Peoples Gardens, which was donated to the Viennese people by Emperor Franz in the early 19th century. The Park is located next to the Imperial Palace complex where you will see Heroes’ Square and its history. 

 A stroll through the Imperial Palace is next following a tour on St. Michael's Square.  Suzanne is delivering this live personal virtual tour by using 'live video conferencing software'.

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