Ireland Christmas Traditions Virtual Special

by Ireland Virtual Tours
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    Dublin, Ireland
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We celebrate Christmas with our Ireland Virtual Tours Christmas Special Presentation. We celebrate two of Ireland's oldest customs and the grave of St. Nicholas himself.

We visit Newgrange, the site of The Winter Solstice. We go in depth into The Solstice and also show a time lapse video of the amazing phenomenon as the full time involved with the Solstice is about 15 to 20 minutes, so a time lapse gives us more time to discuss.

We also celebrate another old Irish custom, that being The Wren Boys. What they do and why they do what they do. At this point there will be some nice Irish Music for you to enjoy.

Finally there will be a visit virtually to the grave of St. Nicholas who inspired the legend of Santa Claus who is believed to be buried here  in Ireland (no joke). **A word of warning please keep our younger family members who believe, away when we visit here, we don't want to ruin a great time for our young ones**

Looking forward to seeing you on one of the following dates

Dates are as follows, please check availability.

Saturday 11 December at 5pm EST

Sunday 12 December at 5pm EST

Wednesday 15 December at 5pm EST

Thursday 16 December at 5pm EST

Saturday 18 December at 5pm EST

Sunday 19 December at 5pm EST

For Groups, Family or Corporate/Team please contact us as we will endeavor to organize a group date and time that hopefully will suit you


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Hello David Long here. Welcome to Ireland Virtual Tours website. I am born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I live in South Dublin with my wife and son.

I have been touring Ireland in many different capacities since i was a teenager. In the nineties I was a tour coach driver/guide/tour director. It was in this capacity that I had some of the very best experiences one could have in life. I toured through every county in Ireland. I met so many great people from around the World who enjoyed my company and i enjoyed theirs while touring the Emerald Isle. I keep in touch with many even after all the years. I love showing Ireland to everyone. From the musical culture to the friendliness of our people and the mystical lore that we have to offer. As I gain more experience, I came up with the idea of an Ireland Virtual Tour. Some might ask, well most will ask "What is an Ireland Virtual Tour". An Ireland Virtual Tour is me showing you live and interactive, a virtual tour that I have planned, with virtual visits as we go along. Then after each visit, we have time for a question and answer session. The virtual tour is a mixture of sights, castles, ancient places all shown "Live" by me, on your computer screen, from the  comfort of your home. I am looking forward to meeting you very soon on one of my Ireland Virtual Tours

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