Jewish Odessa: The City of Dreams

by Olga, Odessa Walks
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  • Location
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Duration
    1h 30m
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English
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Jewish Odessa is a phenomenon well worth exploring. So, let’s learn about Odessa’s old town together and uncover the story of Odessa’s Jewry. We will explore the Golden Age of the city’s Jewry. Who were the early Jewish settlers? Why did Odessa become the “star in exile” for a Russian Jew? During this live presentation you will visit Odessa’s old town and talk about the Jewish community from the city’s founding till 1850s. We’ll see the Brodsky Synagogue, talk about the Ephrussi family and follow in the footsteps of the prominent Jewish revolutionary Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

Topics included in the live presentation:

-      the Brodsky synagogue (exterior)

-      the places connected to Jabotinsky and described in his novel the “Five”

-      the Odessa’s Ephrussi and the novel the “Hare with Amber Eyes”

-      the hotel described by Shalom Alecheim in his story “My Grandfather’s hotel”

-     mansions, which belonged to the wealthy Jewish merchants in the early 1800s

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Hello everybody! I am an Odessa local, a professional tour guide and the founder of Odessa Walks tour agency. I've been creating in-person Odessa experiences since 2011. Since the pandemic, I've been doing online Jewish Odessa tours, sharing the city's fascinating Jewish heritage with everybody who continues exploring. I left Odessa last autumn, but prior to the departure I'd taken a whole bunch of videos and now I am delighted to take you on the live presentation of Jewish Odessa. And since the city's Jewish heritage is really immense, there will be a series of the tours dedicated to Odessa's Jewry.

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