Antarctica: Shackleton, The “Heroic Age” and the race to the South Pole

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    Santiago, Chile
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    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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- Iconic Shackleton, scientific Mawson, competitive Admunsen, perseverant Scott… All leaders of well known expeditions that unveiled the mysteries of the white continent in the early years of XX century.

Join us on this lecture to learn more about these expeditions and why they are so important. 

Meet Your Guide

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Nicole Flores
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Nicole Flores is an experienced Group Leader, avid traveller to Antarctica and history enthusiastic who wants to share with you the passion and purpose of those who made the “Heroic age of Antarctica Exploration” so epic.

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Preparing for your Experience

90 minutes / 60 min. lecture + 30 min. Q&A.

Stable internet connection and a Zoom account.