Odessa's Jewish Heritage Tour. From the Star in Exile to the Gates of Zion. Part 2.

by Olga, Odessa Walks

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    Odessa, Ukraine
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    1h 30m (Group) / 1h 30m (Private)
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Let’s continue exploring enormous and fascinating Odessa’s Jewish heritage. The two contrasting phrases – “Live like God in Odessa” and “The fires of hell burn for 7 miles around Odessa” originated among the Ashkenazi Jews about the nineteenth century city. Odessa welcomed the Jews, yet the first riot against the Jews in the Russian Empire happened here. While paradise in the eyes of some, the city was a hotbed of depravity in the eyes of others. Odessa enthusiastically embraced the Haskalah, yet later became home to Zionism.

We’ll see the Main City Synagogue and the building of the Odessa Palestine committee. We’ll talk about Lev Trotsky’s connection to Odessa. During the stroll around the area of the Jewish riots, Olga will share the story of these tragic events. Although focused on the period of the 19th century, this live tour will include several places connected to the period of Odessa’s occupation in WW2. Finally, Olga will share insights into the modern Jewish community.

Sights included into the live tour:

-       Main City Synagogue (exterior)

-       Area of the Jewish riots

-       Location of the Odessa Palestine Committee

-       The avenue of a mass killing of the Jews during Odessa’s occupation in WW2

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Olga, Odessa Walks

Hello everybody! I am an Odessa local, a professional tour guide and the founder of Odessa Walks tour agency. I've been creating in-person Odessa experiences since 2011. Since last autumn, I've been doing online Jewish Odessa tours, sharing the city's fascinating Jewish heritage with everybody who continues exploring. I'll be delighted to take you on this live-stream Jewish Odessa tour. And since the city's Jewish heritage is really immense, there will be a series of the tours dedicated to Odessa's Jewry. This is Part 2.