Online Delhi Experience: Mandala Art & Meditation Class

by Urban Adventures

  • Location
    Delhi, India
  • Duration
    1h 15m (Public)
  • Group Size
  • Language(s)
    • English


We’ll kick off your online experience with a round of introductions, so you can get to know your guide and other guests on the tour. We’ll then give you an overview of mandala art, including what it is, the various types and its religious and cultural importance in India. More than just artwork, mandala drawing is actually a form of meditation that can help to clear your mind, build patience, and give you a sense of peace and positive energy.

Your Indian host will tell you about their own journey in mandala art and meditation, and show you some of their own personal art pieces.

Even if you’re not an artist, by the end of the online class, you’ll be able to draw your own mandala. Your host will show you how to make a mandala grid, and will explain the basic patterns, the relevance of different shapes, and how to use the grid for symmetry. They’ll also explain how to use your breath while creating patterns, and how to make use of the environment around you for shape inspirations. Your host will check in on you while you’re drawing, and you’re free to ask questions as you go.

Once you’ve drawn your mandala, you’ll learn how colour can be added and how it adds another layer of therapy, such as using green to bring calmness. You’ll also learn how the colours you choose can help you to better understand yourself.

Afterwards, your host will send you worksheets so you can continue to practice making mandalas on your own.

You’ll need: Geometry kit with protractor, scale and compass, pencil, eraser, sharpener, black fine-tip pen, paper (ideally A4 white or art sheet), colored pencils/markers/crayons in any color you love (optional).

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