Online Delhi Experience: Vegetarian Indian Cooking Class

by Urban Adventures

  • Location
    Delhi, India
  • Duration
    1h 30m (Public)
  • Group Size
  • Language(s)
    • English


Your online cooking class will start with a welcome from your host, who will tell you about their home and life in India, and show you around their kitchen. You’ll learn what things are always found in Indian kitchens and how authentic Indian food is very different from what’s served in Indian restaurants. You might be surprised to discover that not all Indian cuisine is spicy or difficult to make! But it is packed with flavours and your host will share some secret tricks that you can use in your own cooking at home.

We’ll start by making a cup of masala chai, which is India’s national drink. All conversations in India start with chai, from friendly gossip sessions to business meetings, so this is the perfect way for us to get to know each other!

We’ll then move onto cooking an authentic Indian gravy-based dish called kadai paneer (or tofu), along with parantha, which is Indian bread.

As we cook, your host will explain all the ingredients and give you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Your host will also answer any questions you have about the cuisine, customs and culture of India.

To really help you feel like you’re in India, we’ll have some of our favourite Bollywood music playing in the kitchen, and your host will teach you a few Hindi words and phrases.

Once your meal is prepared, your host will show you how to plate it and eat it like Indians do. You’ll have more time for questions and conversations, and afterwards we’ll send you a copy of the recipe to keep so you can make it again (plus a few other dishes you can try at home).

A full ingredients and supplies list will be sent to you via email ahead of the tour.

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