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Online Tokyo Experience: Interactive Sake Tasting & Izakaya Culture

by Urban Adventures

  • Location
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Duration
    1h (Group)
  • Group Size
  • Language(s)
    • English


An izakaya is a Japanese tradition, a place where locals gather for drinks and snacks after work. And if you can’t make it to Japan to visit an actual izakaya, we’re doing the next best thing by bringing one to you!

Your online sake tasting tour will start off with a round of introductions, so you can get the feeling of sitting at an izakaya with new friends. When you book this experience, your host will send you recipes for popular Japanese snacks that you can make in advance. We recommend preparing these ahead of time, to eat during the experience. (Note: We will not be cooking during this experience.) You’ll also need to purchase your own sake from your local shop – don’t worry, any kind will do!

Once we’ve all met, your host will explain to you how sake is traditionally made, using photos to show you the sake-making process. You’ll also get to ask your host about the sake that you’ve purchased.

Sake is something that Japanese people drink on many different occasions, and your host will tell you about the times when sake is typically consumed, and how to properly drink it. You’ll also learn about izakaya culture and see some photos of what a typical izakaya looks like in Japan.

Finally, we’ll talk about table manners in Japan, including how to set a table, where to sit, and how to use chopsticks the right way.

We’ll finish up with time for questions and take a group photo for you to keep!

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