Parliament Square - A Walk Through History

by Pieter Bruinsma
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    Budapest, Hungary
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    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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Enjoy a live  walk around the surroundings of the Hungarian Parliament, where we will open a window and discuss important events in Hungary's history. 

The building is known as one of the most beautiful public buildings in the world and it has been, and continues to be, at the centre of much of Hungary's history since it was built. 

From its construction in the late 1800's to the current day, we will try to give a view and understanding of events that shape Hungary till this day.

We will visit two memorials. One to the Jewish population of the Budapest that was exterminated at the end of Word War II. The other memorial will give an understanding of what it means for a country to lose two thirds of its territory, and one third of its population, after the World War one.

The square in front of the Parliament has been the scene of much unrest, and was the location that sparked the 1956 Hungarian Revolution into life.

From the other side of the Parliament we will see the Danube and the Castle District. A place of sieges and invasions. The last siege being at the end of World War Two, where 80 percent of the city was damaged and 20 percent destroyed.

Let's walk around the surroundings of the Parliament and gain an appreciation of Hungary, whilst also seeing some of the most beautiful buildings of the capital.

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Pieter Bruinsma
Pieter Bruinsma

I'm an Englishman who has lived in Hungary for 32 years. This "island" nation of Hungary is my home. I speak the language. My affection for this country, plus my ability to step outside, allows me to give unique views and perspectives to guests. The feedback I receive from guests, even from Hungarians themselves, is universally positive, as I try explain Hungary as it was, and as it is. 

Note: I am a qualified Hungarian tour guide.

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  • Joyce R. - Passport Club Member

    Pieter is an excellent guide. I think the fact that he isn’t a native Hungarian gives him a welcome perspective.

  • Karen & Bruce K. - Passport Club Members - Globetrotter

    I thought Pieter was wonderful - telling about the good, the bad and the ugly. We learned so much from just the 1 hour tour. As Jews, we were taken back and allowed to feel what was felt in Hungary, without really witnessing it. The man from the group gave us a glimpse of what we would have felt and seen as a child - we are both about his age. Thank you so much, Pieter.