Piran: The Cutest Town On The Slovenian Coast

by Sloveniaguides
  • Location
    Piran, Slovenia
  • Duration
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Hrvatski (Croatian),
    • Deutsch (German)


Piran is known as the Venetian town as Venice is just across the Adriatic Sea  and One and a half hours away  by car from Slovenian border. 

In the past Piran belonged to Venetian Republic and it was an important salt trade center on the most Northern part of the Mediteranean Sea. 

Today the town is the most visited coastal town in Slovenia. Not just because of it's Venetian appearance, but because it has always been a melting pot of cultures. Venetian, Austrian, Italian, Slovenian, Jewish or even Istrian. 

Join me on this joyful walk throughout Piran's narrow streets, meet locals, visit shops, and journey up to the top of the St George Church HIll from where you are able to see Venice, Croatia, and across Slovenia.


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  • Darian CT COA

    Seniors said it was their favorite tour guide

  • John D.

    Our guide was excellent. She was very informative and her love of her country came through

  • Dawn D.

    I was hoping that there would have been more to see in that beautiful country besides the little walk through the walls of the town. I think more things to see & less time spent talking about what is on maps, the flower of the country etc. Map info can be reviewed on a link that people can look up later.

  • Susan S.

    Tour guide was excellent. She mixed cultural and historical heritage facts with good camera work and spelled local names that she had pronounced, which is always helpful. She had a nice demeanor and was relaxed.

  • Monica B. - Globetrotter

    Really enjoyed the talk. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. She showed great enthusiasm for her country and I was left with the feeling that I would love to visit Slovenia.

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