Queer Argentina: The History of South America´s Friendliest Country

by Lunfarda Travel
  • Location
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Duration
    1h 10m
  • Language(s)
    • English
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  • History & Culture:LGBTQ
  • Art
  • Storytelling


Explore Argentina’s LGBTQ+ history

Join actor Santi to unravel the journey of South America’s Queer-friendly country in a tour full of history, art and grit. Argentina is a country where same sex marriage is legal, where people can legally be non-binary and where all people, regardless of whom they love or how they express themselves, can adopt children.

On this tour, you’ll learn about the intersectional fight that is shaking the very foundations of this heavily Catholic country, and about Argentina’s relationship with non-conforming identities, from pre-colonial times to modernity. Enjoy emblematic landmarks such as the National Congress or the Rose Garden while you learn about Evita Perón, a gay ally and icon. And an actual President handing over transgender national ID documents and more!

Join us to discover the journey of a country that is learning to embrace the beauty of diversity.

Contribute to UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Equality : Promotes anti-patriarchal world views not only limited to the empowerment of womxn, but also gender non-conforming people.

Support a trans-inclusive highschool. 10% of this tour´s earnings will be donated to Mocha Celis, a highschool for transgender people.


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Grab your favorite drink and prepare to be mesmerized  by Santi´s storytelling.

All you need a stable internet connection and a zoom account. 

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*This tour was created by Lunfarda Travel, a bespoke, sustainable and locally owned travel agency located in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.*

Meet Your Live Virtual Guide

Santiago is a porteño performer and playwright, passionate about hosting and storytelling, compelled by the bizarre drama of Argentine history and its nasty sense of humor.After working for several years as a tour guide in some of the most renowned local agencies, Santiago started developing experiences with a more immersive approach to bridge cultures by sharing the vibrating cultural scene of Buenos Aires, its Bohemian spirit and the Queer side of the City.

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  • Ila G - Voyager

    Our tour guide was awesome, we learned so much and the views were beautiful! I would highly recommend this tour for companies who would like to organize a Pride month activity.

  • Flex Technology Group - Globetrotter

    Mariana was awesome!  She did an incredible job showing us around Argentina, the culture, the Pride community support, the history, etc. and we ended with a drag performance which was phenomenal.

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