A Walk Through the Religious History of Kenya

by Rosolo Safaris
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    Nairobi, Kenya
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  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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In this experience, we will look at the historical and traditional religious beliefs of some of the largest tribes in Kenya. You will also learn about the connection they share with modern day religions, more so Christianity.

The experience will flow as follows:

1. Brief overview of Kenya as a country, get to familiarize yourself with what Kenya has to offer

2. Identify the major tribes

3. Historical review of each tribe while focusing on their religious history

4. Comparison of the different religious history that share similarities to the Judeo-Christian perspective. (Finally find out who borrowed from whom)

5. We get your perspectives unpacked in a chilled Q & A session

It is my hope that you will have learned not only about Kenya as a country and it's indigenous people, but you will also walk away with a rich knowledge of what tribes were like prior to colonization

This experience is great for private groups,  team-building and schools.

Meet Your Guide

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Rosolo Safaris
Rosolo Safaris

I am a lover of people and history with a broadcast journalist by profession prior to becoming a tour guide. I have had a heavy fascination with religion as a whole and have delved heavily into piecing together the jigsaw puzzle that is religious beliefs.. That's why through this experience, it is my hope that you will  get a sneak peek of the Kenyan religious history.

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