San Gimignano - Medieval Manhattan in Tuscany

by Patrizia
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  • Location
    San Gimignano, Italy
  • Duration
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Nederlands (Dutch),
    • Français (French),
    • Deutsch (German)
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San Gimignano also called the Manhattan of the Middle Ages or "the town of fine towers" and you will discover why on this live virtual tour!

Located on the famous pilgrimage road from Canterbury to Rome,  it's fortune was also linked to some special local products such as wine and Saffron.

Join me on a walk through this  well preserved Unesco World Heritage Town and you will be transported back in time. You will see 13th century persevered walls, the old tower homes, the cathedral, and more! We will also discuss the local culture, way of life and how things remain so well-preserved.

Meet Your Guide

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Buongiorno! I am Patrizia, licensed guide in Italy. After my studies of Archaeology and History of Arts, I started working as an archaeologist and loved showing visitors around and try to make the stones talk. So that is when I stumbled upon the profession of guide. Since 2001, guests discover the Region of Umbria in Central Italy with me.

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