Street Art in São Paulo

by Brazil Virtual Tour
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    São Paulo, Brazil
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    1h 30m
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    • English
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Street Art in São Paulo is a kind of art that has been standing out as in several cities around the world. As one of the main cities in Brazil, street art in São Paulo is very varied in content and number of artists, from its great geography and for being a center of world cultural reference. With its artistic identity consolidated since the 70s, street art always portrays a fact, a culture or that which most impacts the local society. We find portrayed in the streets of the city a huge range of paintings on buildings, walls or in some space that can express an idea or message. So I am pleased to be able to show how this art arrived in São Paulo, who, what, the effects it causes and the places where they are exposed. Don’t miss this opportunity, because at the same time, I’ll show you the many neighborhoods of São Paulo and tell you the way of life of these unique people. 


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