The Grand Mansion of Huizhou Merchants

by Harris Gu
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    Huangshan City, China
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    Up to 50 guests
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    • English
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Built in 1990s, The Grand Mansion has never been a private mansion. It's actually a courtyard museum of both original and replicated structures and period articles spanning through Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and Republic of China. Huizhou refers to an old prefecture that is the predecessor of today's Anhui Province, where I live. Huizhou used to be an affluent and prosperous area boasting of trade, feudal education, scholar bureaucrats with both power and treasure. In the Mansion, there are 29 residential buildings restored from scattered locations, hundreds of rooms, 48 patios, 1,580 struts and innumerable exceedingly intricate carvings and embossments made of wood, stone, brick every here and there. Besides, there is a splendid garden and a pompous opera stage with viewing stand plus a couple of high-standing memorial arches.

The size of the entire ground is 13,000 square meters (140,000 square ft). In the one-hour tour, I intend to introduce to you the Huizhou school of Chinese architecture, some local customs, and tell stories, touch on a little bit of China's history, explain the symbolisms of details and, last but not least, try to put across my views of Chinese as a nation based on my mid-lifelong experience, observations and philosophical reflection.

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Harris Gu
Harris Gu

Hi there. My name is Harris. I come from Shanghai, China. After draconian lockdown and lockup in Shanghai in early this year (2022), I moved to and now live in my wife's hometown, a small village in Anhui Province. My son and daughter go to school in this village and they are much happier now with fresh air, blue sky, space to run around and ubiquitous insects, instead of being locked down in your own neighborhood and taking Covid tests every other day.

Before the outbreak of Covid in 2020, I was a tour guide showing foreign tourists around Shanghai. I found this job so much fun talking with and learning from great minds from all over the world. 

In the past two years, I have reflected on Chinese culture and have come up with a thorough new view which I would be so thrilled given an opportunity to share with you.

I hope you will enjoy my tours and gain useful food for thoughts from it.

Dear friends, I look forward to seeing you on my tours here on Beeyonder!

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