The Great Fire of London - A Most Horrid Flame!

by Charnowalks
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In his diary Samuel Pepys described the Great Fire of London as burning ‘in a most horrid, malicious, bloody flame’. The citizens of London came to feel as if the fire were actually malicious - as if it had its mind made up to destroy the City! So great was the devastation spreading round them.

Come with me to follow the fire! We start down on Pudding Lane, near London Bridge, and see how it spread as far as St Paul's Cathedral. This was the high-point of the fire's destructive progress, as the building they thought wouldn't burn collapsed. Masonry and lead cascaded down in a nightmare of destruction.

Meet Your Guide

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David Charnick

I was born in Bethnal Green, in the East End of London, in 1964 - and I'm still here! A lifetime in London keeps me in tune with the city's rhythms, and this gives authenticity to my work.

I qualified as a City of London guide in 2013, but also I guide a lot in the East End, where I teach tour guiding through my local authority.

Through my virtual tours my aim is to evoke the experience of being on London's streets. The setting of the tour is as important as the topic, and we get to know the character of the area as we go.

My specialist areas are literary London, espionage and intelligence, crime and the law, business and trade, and philanthropy. Also I'm a medievalist by training, and am developing a collection of pre-modern London tours.

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The presentation is based on a slideshow with a live commentary, as if we were actually on the streets. You're welcome to make comments and to ask questions as we go, just like you would if we were walking together.