The Historical Crimes and Legends of Paris: CHAPTER 2

by My Paris Tour

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  • Location
    Paris, France
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    1h 30m (Group) / 1h 30m (Private)
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    Up to 500 guests (Group) / 500 guests (Private)
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    • English,
    • Français (French)
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Your guide will reveal the historical crimes, legends and ghosts stories who occurred in its streets.

Paris has so many stunning little dark secrets to share that we decided to offer them in numerous chapters. Today's one is:


Your guide will reveal the various origins of Friday the 13th, which is relating to the famous Templar Knights and why this religious order experienced such a cruel fate.

Listen to the cannibal of Paris' acts,who described his crimes with numerous details and photos and how he managed to become a superstar nowadays.

Your guide unearthed the most crazy events perpetrated during the Terror period following the 1789 Revolution such as the invention of the guillotine and its (not so) obvious advantages...

See how the peaceful resting of King Henri IV's corpse was troubled a long time after his burial and what stunning misadventures happened to it.


Are you stouthearted enough to experience the gloomy secrets of Paris? If so, join your guide Leo on this creepy tour!

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My Paris Tour


My name is Leo, I've been a tour guide for about 6 years and I love my job but also meeting people from all around the world to share my passion with.

I hope to see you soon!