The "Île de la Cité", Between Parisian Charm and History

by Elyesse Trabelsi
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  • Location
    Paris, France
  • Duration
    1h 30m
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Français (French)
  • $


Be captivated by the refinement that you shall get to look at during this tour across the "Île de la Cité", in the city center of Paris. Day or night, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of mesmerizing views over time from the Roman Empire to nowadays through this ancient neighborhood, which holds a significant place in French and European history. You'll virtually walk alongside prestigious but also less-known monuments in this island, while crossing old streets and listening to thrilling stories.

Preparing for your Experience

A stable Internet connection, Zoom application and a compatible electronic device (a computer, laptop, smartphone, touchscreen tablet, etc.). 

Meet Your Guide

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Elyesse Trabelsi

My name is Elyesse, I'm a French freelance professional tour guide based in France around Paris. I have a master's degree in cultural heritage history and am currently obtaining another one in art history as well. 

I'm fascinated by arts, cultures and history from all over the world. I perform online guided tours and live video-lectures about a wide range of different cultural topics or historical places, while being proud to share some of my knowledge with customers.

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