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Tiger King : Murder Mystery Experience

by See Your City

  • Location
    London, United Kingdom
  • Duration
    1h 10m (Group)
  • Group Size
  • Language(s)
    • English


Welcome to Wynnewood County, you all know what's happened here in the past. We've all seen the damning documentary. Exotic animals, drugs, more drugs, drive-by mattress shootings and sardine oil.

Well things have changed now - they've got crazier. Our Sheriff had enough on his hands, now there's been an arson attack at the new zoo!

The Sheriff is going to need your help with this case. We've got five witnesses, and five statements, some musical

- There's Korali, the cult leader with 7 wives, in business with his old enemy, tensions have risen there

- We've got Bobby, the park hand, hard worker, but exploited by the zoo owners

- How about world famous country music star Billie J, with a chequered past

- Dolores is a lover of animals, her history is squeaky clean, according to her records

- Then Piper, the infamous documentary maker, he says he doesn't interfere with the subject

But, could any of these wackadoodle personalities committed such a heinous crime?

Help the Sheriff by listening to their statements, and bickering. Find out where they were and why when the fire broke out. Why would they do it, how would they do it, and can we stop it from happening again?

We'll be holding polls and Q&As with the characters, so you'll all get the chance to ask them any questions you have.

Thanks to Covid-19, the Sheriff department is having to proceed with the investigation completely online, so you can assist with a beer in hand from your sofa.

Study to the statements, the witnesses are pretty entertaining, so enjoy the show too.

Some have chosen to share their statements in live music format, only in Wynnewood county would we allow that.

Wynnewood County Sheriff department only ask for 90 minutes of your time.

Luckily the budget has gone up a bit since the documentary's viral fame, so the department will be offering £100 gift voucher to the person that cracks the case.

You'll receive your invitation by email shortly before the investigation.

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