Tihany Peninsula and Lake Balaton

by Pieter Bruinsma
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  • Location
    Tihány, Lake Balaton, Hungary
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  • Language(s)
    • English


We will stand high above Lake Balaton on the Tihány Peninsula, standing in the shadow of a 1000 year old abbey, looking out at the largest lake in Central Europe. 

It is difficult to describe what Lake Balaton means to Hungarians. It is their place of rest, their place of escape, their place of fun. For a country that lost two thirds of its territory after World War I and so becoming landlocked, its significance is more than just water and sky.

Tihány is a place of peace. A place of sitting on a bench and looking out at the waters that mean so much to Hungarians. We will see some of the Hungarian offerings to the world, such a shop selling paprika. Some arts and crafts. 

We will get a feel for turbulent Hungarian history, as the oldest Hungarian language documents originate from here.

Many people know Budapest. This is another world. Let me take you for an hour around a place that few foreign tourists get to visit, but is one of the more memorable places in Hungary.


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Pieter Bruinsma
Pieter Bruinsma

I'm an Englishman who has lived in Hungary for 32 years. This "island" nation of Hungary is my home. I speak the language. My affection for this country, plus my ability to step outside, allows me to give unique views and perspectives to guests. The feedback I receive from guests, even from Hungarians themselves, is universally positive, as I try explain Hungary as it was, and as it is. 

Note: I am a qualified Hungarian tour guide.

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