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Top 5 Japanese Foods Online Experience

by Arigato Travel K.K.

Public experiences are in English unless specified as otherwise

  • Location
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Duration
    1h (Public) / 1h (Private)
  • Group Size
    Up to 10 guests (Public) / Custom (Private)
  • Language(s)
    • English


Join our Local Experts and Learn All About These Dishes You Must Try When You Visit Japan!

We have the most experienced guides who are all passionate about Japanese food and beverages as well as tourism and Travel. We will share all the secrets that make Japanese food amazing and unique. We will share special Arigato Japan tips and stories that will inspire you!

We will share:

-Why Japanese food is so amazing and what makes each food delightful for all of your senses

-About the history and origin stories of some of Japan’s most famous foods,

-Surprising facts you never knew about that  will change your view on these iconic dishes

-Local favorites, hidden gems and dining tips 

-Get ready for your next trip by learning customs and dining manners in Japan plus how to order and eat each dish like a local.

We are experts in culinary tourism and we are excited to connect and share our stories and knowledge with you right in your own homes. 

On our 1 hour Virtual Experience, we will meet, talk, and learn together!  We keep the groups small to ensure a more intimate experience, so everyone can have a chance to ask questions and connect with our local guides! Everyone who attends the session will also get special info and resources after the experience.

We are looking forward to meeting you online and making some delicious memories!

Tour Highlights:

-Hear insider stories about Japanese food culture and daily life.

-Get all the insider info about 5 of Japan’s Famous Foods

-Have a bit of fun with some games and interactive experiences

-Learn the History and origin stories of some of Japan’s most famous foods

-Learn about dining and table manners for eating each type of food 

-Get tips on how to order food like a local 

-Worry free fun experience, no need to take notes, we share info after

-Enjoy a fun and positive experience with an expert

-Prepare for your future trip to Japan and list up all the delicious dishes you want to try! 


-Great “after-tour” resource guide with links and information 

-Information about Japanese food and Japanese culture in general

-Time to find out more about your Japan wish-list.

-Local English speaking expert

Public Experience Private/Custom Experience
Who You will be one of several joining the experience from across the globe. Exclusive experience for you and/or your party
Interaction You will get a chance to ask questions, however, the guide will be attending to all participants. You will get more one on one time with your guide throughout the experience.
Experience Standard, curated for the public. You can make custom requests to your interests.
When Choose from an available time. Choose from an available time slot or request a specific date and time.
Reduced pricing available with subscription! Learn more

Preparing for your Experience

Custom times may be available, please message us.

Please note that because it's more fun to join the experience with other virtual travelers from around the world, we may ask you to reschedule to a date when we are hosting other guests unless it is a private booking. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule requests as much as possible.

How to join:

We will be hosting this online experience on ZOOM. Please be ready about 5 mins before to test out your connection. Any questions you can message us.