Tuscan Olive Oil Tasting

  • Location
    San Gimignano, Italy
  • Duration
    1h (Private)
  • Group Size
    Up to 10 guests (Private)


Italy is famous for its food and wine but also for its olive oil, a precious product that accompanies delicious meals every day. In this virtual experience, you will discover how olive oil is made and how to taste it like an expert.

With the help of our experts, you will learn the oil tasting techniques and the sensorial vocabulary to be used to describe its strengths and weaknesses.

The oil tasting is divided into two main phases: the olfactory examination and the taste-olfactory examination. Tasting is used to identify the characteristics and quality through sensory analysis. After the olfactory examination, the oral sensations are evaluated to perceive the bitter and spicy sensations well. The Virtual Experience includes:

Olive Oil Tasting with a sommelier.

4 bottles of olive oil shipped per person to the US or EU.

Preparing for your Experience

Our pairing suggested for this virtual tasting:

Appetizers: We recommend you to have some appetizer as cheeses and salami, Bruschetta or bread to accompany the wine tasting.