Urban Art in Palermo

by Lunfarda Travel

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  • Location
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Duration
    1h 10m (Public) / 1h 10m (Private)
  • Group Size
    Up to 15 guests (Public) / 10 guests (Private)
  • Language(s)
    • English


Join this tour with a graffiti specialist!

Palermo is the city's most up and coming neighborhood, its streets are an open-air urban art gallery packed with color and style! We will wander its sleek cobblestone passageways exploring all sorts of urban art; from murals, paste-ups, mosaics and physical graffiti that speak to creativity of the most dynamic and hip neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Starting in the heart of Soho we will pass by boutiques and gastropubs discussing how local art and inspiration crafted its own unique aesthetic and possibly witness artists painting live!


-The colorful streets pasaje Santa Rosa y Russell.

-Artworks by some of Buenos Aires’ top street artists: El Marian, Magee, Campos Jesse, Dario Coronda, No me Baño and more!

-The centennial Mercado de Pulgas, Palermo Hollywood and Serrano Square.

Learn about:

-The history of Argentine street art.

-The reflection of Argentine idiosyncrasy and history on Palermo’s walls.

-Street art and its relationship with gentrification.

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Meet Your Guide

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Lunfarda Travel

Luke is a transplant from the US who, after spending a year in Ecuador, followed his sense of adventure to Buenos Aires in 2012 and never looked back. He is a history buff, a story teller, a foodie, an art lover, and a bit of a wanderlust. Guided by his curious nature, his camera, and his bici (bike) he set out to unravel the history of his adopted home, and soon afterwards began to share his passion and knowledge for Buenos Aires with others. His favorite thing about Buenos Aires are it's cultural expressions, the city is saturated with culture you simply can't escape it- from breakdancing on the subway to opera in the Colón Theater, there's something for all tastes.Luke has an undergrad degree in International Commerce and Economics, and currently is completing his Master's studying Latin American Studies from the UNSAM University in Buenos Aires. He has a deep knowledge of the history of Buenos Aires, Argenti4na and the greater context of Latin America, he has also travelled the region extensively. When not showing others around the city he is probably researching for his thesis, biking through the city, trying out new recipes, keeping up on the city's street art scene, or off traveling somewhere.