Visit the Historical Latitude 0

by Stefy
  • Location
    Quito, Ecuador
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  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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The Middle of the World complex is the most visited place by travelers in Ecuador, there is the Middle of the World monument, pavilions, and museums so visitors can appreciate the history of Ecuador and the parallel line 0 in Ecuador was discovered.

On this expereince we will see the complex, monument and explore the museum which contains historical artifacts about euador, all while learning about the local culture. At the end of the tour we will virtually stand on the line where both hemispheres meet. 

Join me on this amazing experience! 

Meet Your Guide

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Stefy is a very enthusiastic lover of the culture of her country. She has been a certified tour guide and tour manager for more than six years, and she knows all about its history, culture, archeology, nature, and animals. She just got her third degree as a lawyer. Her goal is to promote her country every day as a leading destination in South America and that many travelers fall in love with the biodiversity that exists in this country and help to preserve it. Prepare to smile as we discover the country of the four worlds in one: Ecuador.

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Preparing for your Experience

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  • Kristi H, CalHR - Globetrotter

    Stefy was amazing! I love her energy and enthusiasm and she was just excellent. This was the best experience and I am so appreciative of the time she spent with us. I learned so many things! Especially about the Guinea Pig! Thank you so much!