The Kusakabe Heritage House: Visiting an Important Cultural Property of Japan

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    Hida, Japan
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    Up to 100+ guests
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    • English
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    Your guide is live from the destination gives you a tour just as if you were there in person walking alongside them. These tours are conducted through Zoom, so participants can ask questions and interact with the guide in real time.
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A visit to the Kusakabe Heritage House in Hida, Takayama—one of the most beautiful architectural works in Japan. Surrounded by the magnificent nature of the Northern Alps in Takayama, the heritage house stands majestically in the old town of Takayama which retains the atmosphere of the samurai period. On this tour, we will be taking you on a virtual time-traveling experience where you will learn about the life and business of the wealthy merchant family in Hida and the architectural value of their house, which is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. You will also get a look at the excellent skills of Hida's master carpenters and learn the value of authentic Japanese folk crafts that are featured at this museum. During the 60-minute tour, you will enjoy not only the company of an excellent guide but also a wonderful song written by a local singer! 

Preparing for your Experience

Please be ready with a stable internet connection and a Zoom account.

We recommend using a laptop, tablet, or other devices with a screen larger than a smartphone.

Meet Your Guide

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Mika Shiraishi

Hello! I am a professional government-licensed tour guide of Japan who is an expert on sake and Japanese art. My passion for traveling led me to start my tour service JAPONISME in 2020, and I have guided more than 2,500 guests from around the world. 

I am a travel bug who's been to North America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  I love art (Western, Japanese, and Modern), traveling, food, wine, sake, nature, sustainability, and animals. My style of illustrating points is interactive and based on comparison with the background of my guests’ countries so that they can enrich their lives through a meaningful traveling experience.

I have excellent reviews on my clear and interesting explanations, and I'm confident that I can provide all the answers to your questions about Japan. I also love kids and recommend my tours for families. 

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