Live - Walking

Walking Tour In The Casbah

by Behad Benz

Public experiences are in English unless specified as otherwise

  • Location
    Algiers, Algeria
  • Duration
    1h (Public) / 1h (Private)
  • Group Size
    Up to 12 guests (Public) / Custom (Private)
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • العربية (Arabic),
    • Français (French)


The Casbah is the old city of Algiers which is the capital, it was also classified as a world heritage by UNESCO since 1992. 

We will begin the tour from the top of the Casbah on a street called Bab Djadid. We will then walk through the narrow streets of the Casbah discovering all of the unique corners and shops. We will end the tour in a spot called the "place" or the Square of the Martyrs .

Join me in exploring this unique city!

Public Experience Private/Custom Experience
Who You will be one of several joining the experience from across the globe. Exclusive experience for you and/or your party
Interaction You will get a chance to ask questions, however, the guide will be attending to all participants. You will get more one on one time with your guide throughout the experience.
Experience Standard, curated for the public. You can make custom requests to your interests.
When Choose from an available time. Choose from an available time slot or request a specific date and time.
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Preparing for your Experience

A stable internet connection and zoom

Meet Your Guide

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Nehad Benz
Behad Benz

I'm an archaeologist and a tour guide I work as a tour guide since 2012.

My love of archeology and architecture encouraged me to become a tour guide. I'm an active person and I love learning about new places each day exchanging information about history   I am just simply a person who loves to love each day at time and make memories .