Walking Tour of Amsterdam

by Dutch Tour Company
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  • Location
    Amsterdam , Netherlands
  • Duration
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Nederlands (Dutch)


Amsterdam is not only the most water rich, multi cultural and one of the safest towns in the world, but it is perhaps also the most beautiful town in the world.

Join us on this live virtual tour and learn All About Amsterdam! 

I host this virtual tour together with my wife. She films me and I guide you through all the beauty and rich history that Amsterdam has to offer. By working together we can offer you the best experience and high quality images available.

My wife is also a tourguide and also owns a chocolate speciality shop, where we usually start our virtual experiences. 

We will discover the area formerly known as the Red Light District, Dam square, World Heritage Site the Canal District and we will end of tour outside the Anne Frank House.

This tour offers a diverse overview tour of Amsterdam covering:

-History of Amsterdam

-Current events, challenges and changes in Amsterdam 

-Second World War / Holocaust 

-Architecture and the canal district 

-Roots of multicultural and tolerant Amsterdam 

-17th century, Spice trade

-What to do and not do in Amsterdam!


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Preparing for your Virtual Tour

This is a live virtual experience offered via Google Meet. An account at Google Meet is not needed when logging in via laptop, home or office computer. However, when using a cell phone or tablet, you will need to download the Google Meet app.

Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection, take a comfortable sit and join us on an inspiring walk around the historic city center of Amsterdam!

Meet Your Live Virtual Guide

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Ian Wagenhuis
Dutch Tour Company

I was born in Amsterdam many years ago ;) And have Amsterdam roots dating back hundreds of years.

Together with my family I live in the old city center of Amsterdam, and own to shops in the old city heart.

When I was a child I started working as an actor for Dutch television and movies.  At the age of 17 years old I gave my first city tour in Amsterdam.

After that I worked professionally as a tour guide in several countries. In Brasil I set up several social eco tours with landless farmers and an Indigenous tribe. Out of these tours grew a foundation that supported an Indigenous tribe with a reforestation, sport,  education and social project.

The last 10 years my wife and me are involved in a large project in the old city center of Amsterdam.  We are passionately working on several social and cultural projects and also own a chocolate speciality store in the oldest part of Amsterdam.

My wife and me work together on every virtual experience, where she films me when I guide, and vice versa. This way we offer the best quality images and experience available.  

The International Guardian newspaper placed our virtual experiences on nr.1 for the top 10 virtual experiences of 2021.

Salomé, my wife, is also a tour guide and a social entrepreneur,  trying to change the chocolate industry for the better.

We have hosted tours and programs for famous people, ngo's, multinationals, students, elderly, children, charities etc etc.

Please contact us for special requests, we love to custom design virtual experiences!

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