Walking Tour of Ljubljana, The Capital of Slovenia

by Sloveniaguides
  • Location
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Duration
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English,
    • Hrvatski (Croatian),
    • Deutsch (German),
    • Français (French),
    • Italiano (Italian),
    • Español (Spanish)
  • $


This is an online guided tour of my hometown, the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. This is one of the smallest European Capitals, but has a very rich history and a diverse heritage. 

The city has only 300 000 inhabitants. Its University attracts many young students from all around the World to spend some time studying here. The city is vibrant, excellent for creativity, and contemporary art.

Join me as we explore the downtown area, learn about history, culture, and our lifestyle.

Meet Your Guide

I am a licensed guide from Ljubljana. Have been working in tourism for over 30 years and still today enjoying it very much. I have bachelor in cultural history as well as economy. I am sure we are going to open many interesting topics while on tour together.

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Preparing for your Experience

No preparation needed, just a zoom app and stable internet.


  • Concord, MA - Council on Aging

    This was a fabulous tour. The sound and video were of very high quality and Mateja represented her city well. She was very well-prepared, and knew the minute details of the city, the people, the artists, and the history. Mateja's presentation was full of pride for her city. Ljubjana is beautiful, and it looked gorgeous all lit up for the holidays. We had 20 Concord seniors present and every one commented that it was one of the best Beeyonder tours yet. Several said they wanted to visit Slovenia!! Mateja mentioned that she would like to tour another part of the city with us. We would love that!! Thanks so much for the tour. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  • Acton, MA - Council on Aging - Globetrotter

    Mateja was an excellent guide! She is warm, knowledgeable, personable, and funny. She chose perfect things to point out in the beautiful city, covering a variety of topics (art, literature, history, architecture). She even explained how "J" is pronounced in Slovenia and spelled out names of people she mentioned. She is a gem and it was a wonderful hour-long escape to a far-away place!