Why Sharks Don't Eat People

by Sharklife
  • Location
    Sodwana Bay, South Africa
  • Duration
  • Group Size
    Up to 100+ guests
  • Language(s)
    • English
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Most people have seen lions in nature documentaries and films, schools often teach about these predators and how they behave based on in-depth studies and records from the field. However when it comes to sharks the information available is significantly less, leaving most people to only guess about how sharks behave and wonder if sharks are very different predators to lions. 

Join me for a guided presentation as we dive into what sharks are, the misconceptions people have of them, and a look at why they don't eat people. 

Meet Your Guide

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Grant Smith

Grant has been working in the field of shark conservation since 2005 and is a co-founder of Sharklife Conservation Group.  Grant has been diving with sharks for more than 15  years and has a broad perspective of true shark behavior which he would like to share with you. 

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Preparing for your Experience

The video calling software used for the tour is called Zoom. You will need to have it downloaded on your laptop, tablet or cellphone – with a connection to speakers or headphones – in order to participate in the tour.


  • Caitlyn M - Voyager

    Mr. Grant Smith was an excellent guide, and taught our students so much about the gentle nature of sharks, as well as many other interesting facts. Our students can tell the difference between filter feeding sharks, as well as predatory sharks now. They have not stopped talking about the "cuddle shark" video ( as the students are now calling it) Grant showed us at the end of his presentation. 

    Thank you again Mr. Smith!