Beeyonder is Here for You

Looking for an alternative to Heygo?

  • For Guides

    Beeyonder has been working with guides around the world since 2020. We make it a point to have great relationships and communication with our guides. All of our guides undergo a vetting process. You must be a licensed, local guide, or have a significant amount of experience in the topics for which you provide tours.

  • For Travelers

    Our tours are live and interactive and typically conducted via Zoom. You have the ability to keep your camera on or turn it off. You can also speak with the guide in real time, which is encouraged. Putting messages in the chat is also possible.

  • Our Sustainably-Priced Tours

    Currently, all of our tours are private with the exception of our Senior Passport Club. The average price is $15/person, with payment for a minimum of 15 people. We only take a 20% commission on tours. These measures ensures guides are adequately compensated for their time. Our Team is actively discussing a Community Passport Club to provide public tours to travelers who want to continue supporting guides from Heygo.