Tailored to meet your needs

  • Tech Light

    You choose your preferred day each month. We select and book the tour. Get the link by email three days prior to the tour date. Click the link on the tour date and join your guide.

  • Affordable

    For an affordable monthly ($15) or annual ($150) price, you can join others within your community or group on a set date and time each month.

  • Individuals

    We'll pair you with other members of the Passport Club community for your tour. This allows you to meet new people and take tours that are typically reserved for private groups.

  • Private Clubs

    Requires a purchase of a minimum of 10 seats. Tour takers can sign up individually, or one person can sign up the group. You also get to choose your day of the month.

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The Passport Club will take place the 2nd Thursday of each month or 2nd Sunday of each month for 1 hour. 

The tour will always take place within one of the following time frames: 10am-12pm Eastern Time or 4pm-6pm Eastern Time.

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