Save on your virtual tours

What is your group size?

Most tours require a minimum of 25 tickets to book.

How many tours are you planning?

Most tours require a minimum of tickets to book.

50 tickets

Most tours require a minimum of tickets to book.


Saving $31.25
*Some tours may have an additional travel fee
Some virtual tours require an additional fee to cover park admission, extra transportation, or other expenses the Guide must pay to give the virtual tour.

How Beeyonder Works

  • What is a virtual tour?

    Our virtual tours are live, interactive and culturally immersive experiences. Speak directly to the local guide throughout the tour to experience the destination as if you are actually there. All guides are location to their destination and vetted by our team. No additional equipment necessary, simply join the Zoom link for a completely unique experience.

  • Our Customers

    Our virtual tours encourage engagement and are sustainable for all group sizes. We primarily work with corporate groups, senior facilities, schools and non profits. Virtual tours work for many groups and individuals, if you don’t see information for your group size, reach out to us via a contact form.

  • Easy Pricing

    Our new ticketing model is to create an easy way of booking your new virtual tour. The minimum number of tickets required to book a tour varies and is indicated on each tour page. Above the minimum number of tickets, the additional cost is one (1) ticket per person.