Join Our Senior Passport Club

  • Engaging & Fun

    Our tech light digital tours take place in various locations around the world in real-time, allowing you to speak with your tour guide directly and be as interactive as you would like. Easy to book, easy to go.

  • Subscription Options

    We have 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription options. Take one tour per month, or use the multi-month options to take more than one tour in a month - like in the winter.

  • Gifting Virtual Tours

    Gift a virtual tour to individuals, facilities and organizations. The perfect gift for those who can no longer travel physically but still want to discover stories of the world! 

  • Senior Case Study

    Give your residents a window out to the world. Learn how one Senior Care Facility gave their residents a chance to experience places they’ve always dreamed of visiting and explore places connected to their family heritage.


  • Tina Close- Concord, MA COA

  • Weston, MA Senior Center

  • Woodstock, VT Council on Aging